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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 11-15

- Dodging -
- Stop the recovery! -
- Return to the stage! -
- Grab edges in battle -
- The dive -

#11 [Controls] Dodging

Shield (Z) and quickly press left or right to dodge.

Dodging less you avoid enemy attacks for a short time.
Also, a forward dodge (dodging in the direction you're facing)
will have you turn around, making it easy to attack from behind.

You can dodge at any time; if you can dodge at the right time,
you should be able to play better. Important.

For SW:1226

Samus curls up while dodging.
Much smaller!

#12 [Tactics] Stop the recovery!

Once you knock the enemy away, while he is trying to recover,
go meddle with and impede him.

The most effective way is to throw items.
Also, you can use air attacks, or throw projectiles.

With more players, another player can also come
and intercept.
(The last player to attack gets the point.)

For SW:1226

Saw-ree, did that hit finish you?

#13 [Tactics] Return to the stage!

There are many ways to fend off recovery counterattacks.

For each counterattack, there is a strategy
so in all circumstances,
never stop trying to recover.

Cases of stopping recovery counterattacks:

  • Dive in!
  • Fake a jump!
  • Attack directly!
  • Throw an item!
  • Fire a projectile!
  • Clang with the attack!
  • Use your up special move!
  • Grab the edge!
  • Take the attack if it's weak, then wait for an opportunity!

For SW:1226

Samus threw an item,
Fox has the guts to kick it!

#14 [Controls] Grab edges in battle

To avoid counterattack while returning to the stage, it's also possible to
let yourself fall and grab the edge.

When you grab an edge, you become invincible for a short time
if the enemy doesn't do much.

(Actions possible while on the edge)

  • Move the stick up (regular climb)
  • Press the A button (climbing attack)
  • Press the Z button (climbing dodge)
  • Move the stick away from the edge (let go of edge)

Although these are similar to getting up from lying down,
they become slower when damage reaches 100%.
(Aside from letting go of the edge)

Climb normally if no opponent is nearby,
attack if your main concern is to attack,
dodge if you wish to be away from the edge,
letting go has the benifit of jumping and attacking.

Since each has a different invincibility time, even while attacking
care must be taken.

For SW:1226

The flash is the sign you're invincible.
What do you do now?

#15 [Controls] The dive

Tapping the stick down in the air will cause you to fall faster
than the usual falling speed.

For when you're in a hurry, or to fake out the opponent,
and is also useful in time attacks.

For SW:1226

When you dive, you flash for a brief moment.