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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 6-10

- Smash throw items -
- Throwing items horizontally and vertically -
- Get up -
- Using air attacks! -
- Clearing special objectives -

#6 [Controls] Smash throw items

Items you don't want can be dropped with Z+A (or the R button).
Combined with a smash, this becomes a throw.

Compared to a regular throw, a smash throw's speed
and damage are both increased!

Because of this extra force, be sure to always
use a "smash throw".

For SW:1226

When you use a smash throw,
a voice clip and smoke come out.

#7 [Controls] Throwing items horizontally and vertically

When you throw an item, point the stick in a direction
to throw either horizontally or vertically.

Items are rather strong when thrown. Smash throw while jumping, or
throw in conjunction with other attacks, for an unpredictable offense.

For SW:1226

Smash throw downards while jumping over someone!

#8 [Controls] Get up

After being hit and lying down, you can take three actions:

  • Press Z or move the stick up (simple get up)
  • Press A (get-up attack)
  • Move the stick left or right (rolling get up)

Since each one has a different invincibility time,
don't just use one.

See #82 for invincibility primer

For SW:1226

That said, if you use a get up,
the circumstances may not be much.

#9 [Controls] Using air attacks!

Attack in the air normally, or with the stick pointed forwards, backwards, up, or down,
the neutral position combined with the four directions results in a total of five attacks.

While not using a smash input, they are usually strong attacks
and cannot clang, allowing for more aerial combat.

From here

Let's use these!

#10 [Info] Clearing special objectives

One player for this minigame, in order to clear the objective.
(No events or scenarios are provided in particular)

The question is, after clearing it
your record (whether by score or by time) is recorded
similar to single-player racing.

Watch the ending. Clear all bonus stages.
Then the game really begins.

...That said, ultimately each person will enjoy things their own way.

Samus BtT Complete SSB64.gif

Especially bonus stages! The time attacks
are something players still love to do.