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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! Parts 1-5

- What is Super Smash Bros.? -
- Use smash attacks! -
- When you're knocked off, you must recover! -
- Use the Auto-Handicap! -
- Carefully pose with the pause -

#1 [Info] What is Super Smash Bros.?

Super Smash Bros. (as Smash Bros. below)
is a free-for-all multiplayer action game where
famous characters furiously clash against each other.

The rules are simple. First, attack the enemy to raise their damage.

The more their damage builds up, the farther they'll fly.
You score by successfully knocking away an opponent off-screen.

The gameplay is pretty friendly towards beginners, but I'm sure you'll find that it actually has a lot of depth once you start digging deeper into it.

So I made this page in hopes that it will guide you to discovering that depth as best as possible.

For SW:1226

Famous, but may be unfriendly.

#2 [Controls] Use smash attacks!

In Smash Bros., it is crucial to tap the N64's analog stick
to quickly defeat your opponents.

Tapping up will make you jump, tapping to the side will make you dash, and simultaneously tapping and doing an attack will make you unleash a super powerful smash attack.

Since tapping with excessive force will hurt your fingers,
it's best that you tap lightly and smoothly to execute it.

For SW:1226

Pikachu's side smash attack
the (Short Electric Shock) is a burst of electricity.

#3 [Tactics] When you're knocked off, you must recover!

If you’re knocked away, it’s not a good idea to let yourself

First, push the control stick sideways to move as close to the stage as possible.
Then try to recover by double jumping.
If you still can't reach the stage, follow it up with your up special move.
(Excluding some characters)

Don't give up, you can still recover a significant distance.

From knowing this, using tactics to hinder or even prevent enemy recoveries
will surely heat up the competition.

Lateral movement, double jump, up special. IMPORTANT!!

#4 [Options] Use the Auto-Handicap!

The Auto-Handicap is a system that automatically makes the winner weaker and the loser stronger, based on the number of win/loss outcomes.

If you didn't set this system to ON, you'd have to put up with tweaking the handicap manually, so use it! Always use it! Pretty please use it!

The number (Handicap) represents the player's strength, so it shouldn't be "too painful" as long as you're an expert.

For SW:1226
In this case, Pikachu's the strongest player.

#5 [Controls] Carefully pose with the pause

During normal gameplay, press the Start button to pause and zoom in on your character. While pausing, you can fiddle around with the control stick to view from any angle you like.

Since the characters tend to become small on-screen, try taking the time to zoom in and view every once in a while. You might find something new.

By the way, in training mode you will bring up a menu instead.

For SW:1226
Posing while pausing.