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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 16-20

- Taunting -
- Use directional attacks! -
- Use directional influence! -
- Breakfall -
- Weakening challengers -

#16 [Controls] Taunting

When you press the difficult-to-press L button, your character will taunt.
While it has no effect, during the time after defeating an opponent,
I like to use it to show off.

You don't have to use the taunt button to taunt,
it can also be done with well-timed tricks that are otherwise meaningless.

Wind up your opponent? You can afford if if there's evidence you are improving.


What a great show going on around here.

#17 [Tactics] Use directional attacks!

Every attack has a direction (vector) for its knockback.

Then, using mainly strong attacks, such as smash attacks or aerial attacks,
there is a trick to striking your opponent.

With good usage of these, it becomes easy to pursuit.

If you make a strong horizontal hit, following up can be
difficult. However,
you can juggle the opponent if you hit them vertically,
if you follow up with a jump, or an upwards item throw
or other possibilities.

However, unlike other fighting games, a sequence of attacks
can't be assumed to be a memorizble easy combo.
Because of how knockback is based on the opponent's damage,
you must improvise according to the situation.

For SW:1226

For SW:1226

Weak attacks
are good for juggling.
Strong attacks
are good for knock-offs.

#18 [Tactics] Use directional influence!

You don't want to be juggled. There is a way to avoid it.

Though it has minor drawbacks, the best way is to double jump.
This is because if you are in range of the enemy, you can bait them into missing their attack.

Some special moves, simply moving sideways, and some attacks
are other options.

Even if you get hit, despite your efforts
and you wish to learn the timing for the future,
use training mode.

DK Combo Counter SSB64.gif

The counter named "COMBO"
displays the number of unavoidable continuous attacks.
However, even these "unavoidable" attacks
are not necessarily so.

#19 [Controls] Breakfall

If you about to hit the ground after behing hit by an attack,
you can perform a breakfall by pressing the Z button just before landing.

Tilt the stick left or right to do a forward breakfall and backward breakfall,
to quickly roll away!

For SW:1226

For SW:1226

For SW:1226

It's this person's POV.
I'm not doing brilliantly.
What a fool.
What a graceful fall.
What a graceful fall.

#20 [1P] Weakening challengers

A challenger approaches. You can use him as a character if you win,
but you only get one chance if you lose.

That said, if you lose to a hidden character,
its CP level is lowered by 2, making it weaker.
Of course, you should not lose just to fight a weaker opponent.

So, you should do your best and not give up.

For SW:1226

This guy. This guy I am doing wrong.