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Sephiroth (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 SephirothJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 SephirothJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 SephirothJab3.gif
Forward tilt SephirothFTilt.gif
Forward tilt (up) SephirothFTiltUp.gif
Forward tilt (down) SephirothFTiltDown.gif
Up tilt SephirothUTilt.gif
Down tilt SephirothDTilt.gif
Dash attack SephirothDashAttack.gif
Forward smash SephirothFSmash.gif
Forward smash (winged) SephirothFSmashWinged.gif
Up smash SephirothUSmash.gif
Up smash (winged) SephirothUSmashWinged.gif
Down smash (ground contact) SephirothDSmash.gif
Down smash (ground contact, winged) SephirothDSmashWinged.gif
Down smash (no ground contact) SephirothDSmashAir.gif
Down smash (no ground contact, winged) SephirothDSmashAirWinged.gif
Neutral aerial SephirothNAir.gif
Forward aerial SephirothFAir.gif
Back aerial SephirothBAir.gif
Up aerial SephirothUAir.gif
Down aerial Hell's Gate SephirothDAir.gif
Down aerial (landing) Hell's Gate SephirothDAirLanding.gif
Neutral special 1 Flare SephirothNSpecial1.gif
Neutral special 2 Megaflare SephirothNSpecial2.gif
Neutral special 3 Gigaflare SephirothNSpecial3.gif
Side special minimum charge Shadow Flare SephirothSSpecialMin.gif
Side special maximum charge Shadow Flare SephirothSSpecialMax.gif
Up special 1 Blade Dash SephirothUSpecial1.gif
Up special 2 Octaslash SephirothUSpecial2.gif
Down special Scintilla SephirothDSpecial.gif
Down special (hit, min range) Scintilla SephirothDSpecialHitMin.gif
Down special (hit, max range) Scintilla SephirothDSpecialHitMax.gif
Standing grab SephirothGrab.gif
Dash grab SephirothDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab SephirothPivotGrab.gif
Pummel SephirothPummel.gif
Forward throw SephirothFThrow.gif
Back throw SephirothBThrow.gif
Up throw SephirothUThrow.gif
Down throw SephirothDThrow.gif
Getup attack front SephirothGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back SephirothGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip SephirothTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack SephirothLedgeAttack.gif
Final Smash  Supernova SephirothFinalSmash.gif