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Scar Jump

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American Smasher Scar performs the classic version of the Scar Jump. Note the Wall Jump animation is canceled with the Knee Smash and is performed twice, with the second one connecting.

The Scar Jump, also called the Scar Hop, is a variant of the wall jump in which a character wall jumps without using their midair jump from the ledge or stage. This allows for deeper edgeguards and safer wall jump aerials on stages such as Yoshi's. This technique is very difficult, as it is hard to maintain contact with the ledge while letting go of it and not fast falling too far to maintain good wall jump usability. To do so, you tap slightly away with the C-stick, then do the normal wall jump movement with the control stick. The jumping animation of the wall jump is normally immediately cancelled with a jump (that you saved) or an aerial to regain aerial mobility. True to its name, this technique was invented and popularized by the famed American Captain Falcon main, Scar. Normal wall jumping leaves the player in a lengthy jumping animation, and thus, vulnerable to edgeguarding. While somewhat situational in competitive play, Scar jumping allows the player to keep their midair jump after wall jumping, and can sometimes mean the difference between a stock and fatal edgeguard. Although the technique can technically be performed by any character who can wall jump, the move is most useful when used by Captain Falcon due to him having arguably the best options after wall jumping, notably the Knee Smash and Uair.