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Save point

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A pink-tinted save point.
A Door that would lead to a save point.

A save point is a feature in the Subspace Emissary mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Save points only appear in one level: The Great Maze.

Two different types of save points are featured in Brawl. One area has a singular soft platform, and offers the basic features of a save point, while the other design of save points have a pink tint, and feature five soft platforms. Four of these pink tinted save points exist within The Great Maze.

Save points:

  • Allow the player to save their game, and quit the Subspace Emissary. When The Great Maze is continued after quitting, the player will start at a chosen one of the four save points
  • Restore any lost stock and restore damage to 0% upon entering the menu of options
  • Allow the player to change their current party of characters, by bringing up the selection screen.
  • Allow the player to bring up the stickers menu, and apply stickers to their characters.

The pink tinted save points have one additional feature. These are warp points, situated on three of the platforms in the area. These warp points allow the player to warp between the four pink-tinted save points.

Accompanying the save point is a music track of the same name, Save Point.