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Parasol glitch

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The Parasol glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that allows the player to cling to a wall and float as long as the player chooses to do so. It can be performed by Peach using her Parasol move, which is how it was first discovered and is where the name came from. In normal cases, the glitch can also be done by Jigglypuff, Sonic when using Spin Dash, or Mr. Game & Watch when using Fire. However, under the influence of a Poison Mushroom, or Light or Tiny Brawl, other characters will be allowed to perform the glitch. This is based on having a falling speed of less than 1.



  • Peach
  • Jigglypuff
  • Mr. Game & Watch
  • Sonic


Mushroomy Kingdom (World 1-2 version only), Bath, or any custom stage that meets the following requirements:

  • Has a square box.
  • Another block on top so the player can't ledge grab the bottom one.
  • A platform directly below the bottom square.


As Peach, the player must jump onto the fall block and let it drop. After that, they should then hover below the stage and head towards one of the blocks, then use Parasol. After that, the control stick should be held towards the block continuously. If done correctly, Peach should stay hovering against the block. As soon as the player lets go of the control stick, Peach will begin to descend again and will be unable to re-hook to the wall.

Mr. Game & Watch and Sonic can perform the glitch using the same scenarios as long as the parachute is deployed or Sonic is constantly charging Spin Dash, respectively. Jigglypuff performs the glitch by simply moving the control stick towards the block. This is possibly due to Jigglypuff's light weight and slow falling speed.


The terrain of the soft platform extends slightly further than the standard block. Therefore, the player is technically on the very edge of the bottom soft platform as they perform this glitch; however, the block on top of it prevents the player from actually landing on it.