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Pac-Man (SSB4)/Neutral special

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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the move itself, see Bonus Fruit.


Pac-Man's neutral special in SSB4 is Bonus Fruit. He raises his hand in the air and can choose from several different bonus fruits from the original Pac-Man arcade game. By pressing the special button, Pac-Man can choose eight different bonus fruits: Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon, Galaxian, Bell, and the Key. Once the player presses the special button again, Pac-Man will throw whatever fruit is in his hand (it can be saved for later by shielding or dodging). Each fruit has their own unique properties making them useful for different situations. For example, the Orange moves incredibly fast across the stage and the Bell flies upwards at an arc and then straight down, stunning opponents who touch it. Pac-Man cannot cycle through the bonus fruits again once the key is selected. Once Pac-Man reaches the key, he puts it away for later and the player must use the key if they wish to choose a different bonus fruit. Opponents can grab Pac-Man's bonus fruits once it touches the ground, or grab it when he throws it. Pac-Man cannot select another fruit until the current fruit has disappeared off the stage. Pac-Man's gravity is decreased when cycling through the bonus fruits.

Fruit Properties Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling
Cherry Bounces twice and lands for a moment before disappearing. 4% 55° 40 80
Strawberry Bounces three times and lands for a moment before disappearing. Travels slightly more total distance than the cherry. 6% 55° 40 80
Orange Travels in a straight line for about roughly half the length of Final Destination's platform before disappearing. Knocks characters in a semi-spike angle. 8% 30° 50 76
Apple Bounces across the floor four times in quick hops before disappearing. Thrown at a strong diagonal angle downwards, useful for interrupting offstage opponents attempting to jump towards an edge. 9% 75° 60 100
Melon Travels slowly in a broad arc, and has considerable knockback. Can be used to stop approaches and KO at high percents. 12% 55° 40 100
Galaxian Does a quick shuttle loop before continuing to fly off either straight ahead or in a 45 degree angle upward from the direction it was thrown. Inflicts the same amount of damage every time it connects. 9% 70° 40 80
Bell Travels slowly in a high arc before suddenly stopping short and falling straight down, passing through opponents. Causes paralysis if it connects, and bounces once before disappearing, which can also cause paralysis if an opponent touches it then. 8% 55° (thrown), Sakurai angle (dropped) 30 120
Key Travels at high speed in a straight line and deals high damage and knockback. Highest knockback out of all Bonus Fruit charges. 15% 55° 40 90

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Update History[edit]

Nerf The Galaxian deals 9% damage instead of 11%