Olimar (SSBB)/Side special

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Olimar will throw his Pikmin at the opponent which will then latch on and continuously do damage until the opponent uses a move that will knock them off. How long the Pikmin stay on and continuously do latch damage depends on the opponents' percentage with the Pikmin staying on the opponent longer the less percentage the opponent has. The move works in different ways depending on the color of the Pikmin that are used. For example, blue, yellow, and red Pikmin will do 2% per hit whereas white Pikmin will do 6% per hit, more than twice of what the blue, yellow, and red Pikmin do. Purple Pikmin are the only ones that do not latch onto the opponent, instead they ram into the opponent once and do 6% along with some knockback which is excellent for stopping approaches. The way the Pikmin are thrown also depend on the Pikmin used: red and blue Pikmin travel in a normal arc, yellow pikmin travel in a slower but higher arc, white Pikmin travel very fast and very far making them easier to hit latch onto opponents, and purple Pikmin travel in a very slow and short ranged arc.

This move is a big part of Olimar's notoriously strong camping game along with his long ranged grab and ranged smash attacks as the Pikmin can deal massive damage if they are not dealt with.