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List of tips (SSBU)/Spirits

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These are all of the tips in the Spirits section in the Tips portion of the Extras menu.

List of tips[edit]

  • Adventure: Rescuing Fighters – Captured fighters are used as tools to mass produce puppet fighters. They can become your allies if you defeat them and break the control over them.
  • Adventure: Swapping Displayed Fighter – You can change the fighter who appears on the map by opening the menu and selecting Party.
  • Adventure: Obstacles and Hazards – If a path is blocked and you can't continue, come back to it later. You may be able to get through using the help of spirits you've yet to meet.
  • Adventure: Difficulty – The harder the difficulty, the bigger the reward you'll get by winning. You can change the difficulty setting at any time from the menu.
  • Adventure: Stacking Adventure Skills – It's possible to stack some of the effects from skills given by spirits. It's a great way to really power up your fighter. Try stacking an Adventure Skill and a Support Skill!
  • Adventure: Learning Adventure Skills – You can forget and learn Adventure Skills countless times. You'll need to use SP to reset them, though.
  • Adventure: Slowpoke's Dojo – You can forget a style that you've learned. Once forgotten, you can return to that style's Dojo to remember it again.
  • Adventure: Canceling Dojo Training – You can interrupt style training if necessary. If you enter the Dojo again, you can pick up training where you left off.
  • Adventure: Treasure from Explore – Treasure changes based on the number of explorers, their ranks, levels, conditions, and even their styles!
  • Adventure: Store Inventory (Pt. 1) – In Sheldon's store, it's easier to find spirits related to weapons. In Anna's store, you'll find more spirits with equipment, and in Beedle's store, you'll find more living creatures.
  • Adventure: Story Inventory (Pt. 2) – In Funky Kong's store, it's easier to find transportation-related spirits. It's easier to find spirits related to items at Timmy and Tommy's.
  • Adventure: Hazards and Stores – Don't have a spirit you need to get past an obstacle? Take a glance at the stores and see what they have in stock!
  • Adventure: Skill Spheres – On rare occasions, you'll find skill spheres on sale, too. The frequency of their appearance differs from store to store.
  • Adventure: The Final Battle – Things can change drastically in the final battle. The power of the forces of light and darkness will be affected by how many enemies remain.
  • Adventure: New Game+ – Carry some things over, and have all spirits and bosses return! You can also obtain spirits and skill spheres again.
  • Spirit Board: FS Meter – In Spirits, fighters can charge up a meter to use their Final Smash. The skill Fast Final Smash Meter allows this meter to charge faster than usual!
  • Spirit Board: Experience – Spirits earn experience even if you lose. The more you battle with them, the more they'll gain.
  • Spirit Board: Rewards – Defeating strong targets will net you strong rewards.
  • Spirit Board: Autopick – Press the Y Button to equip recommended spirits based on the target you're fighting. Your spirit team will change each time you press the button.
  • Spirit Board: Co-op – Work together with others to take down the target! The more players, the tougher the fight.
  • Spirit Board: Co-op Spirit Teams – If you increase the number of players when selecting a fighter, you can play with up to four people. Everyone will use the same spirit team.
  • Spirit Board: Co-op Rewards – Playing with others can net you more rewards than playing alone. However, if you use a team that's much stronger than your opponent's, the reward amount won't increase much.
  • Spirit Board: KO's in Co-op – If one of your teammates gets KO'd, you'll instantly lose the battle. Don't let your guard down just because you have a numbers advantage.
  • Collection: Activities – Spirits doing activities must be fully focused on their task. You can't use them until they're done, but you can pull them out of activities if necessary.
  • Collection: Favorites – Mark your best spirits as Favorites to avoid accidentally dismissing them. Better safe than sorry!
  • Collection: Level Up with a Core – Power up a spirit with a core that has the same type as the spirit to gain more experience.
  • Collection: Dismiss – The stronger the spirit, the more SP you can earn by dismissing them. High-level and high-rank spirits are worth more.
  • Collection: Summon – There are some spirits you can only get by summoning. Use Reverse Lookup to see which spirits can be summoned.
  • Spirit List: Fighter Spirit – Once obtained, you might be able to look in the Spirit List to see what they looked like in their original game as well as in Smash Bros.
  • Support Skill: Item Equipped – Try equipping two of these skills. If you do, the fighter will return from a KO holding the second item!
  • Support Skill: Stacked Boosts – It's possible to equip multiple sources of the same effect. There are also boosting skills.
  • Support Skill: Improved Escape – Allows a fighter to quickly escape from grabs or being buried. It's also effective against shock, sleep, dizzy, ice, and more!
  • Support Skill: Ice-Floor Immunity – This skill can also disable freezing effects from things other than floors. For example, Lucas's PK Freeze, or the Freezie item!
  • Trait: Initial Damage 30% – You'll start off with some damage, but pairing this with skills that give you advantages when damaged is a solid plan!
  • Create Team: Saving a Team – If you save a spirit team, you can use the team in normal Smash mode too.
  • Create Team: Save Slots – You can save up to 99 spirit teams. If you want to delete a team, select Create Team from Collection, select a team, and then press the X Button.
  • Team Power and Power – The strength of your team is called Team Power. It's determined based on the power of your primary spirit and the support spirit skills.
  • Effect of Primary Spirit Types – If your spirit's type has an advantage on the opponent's type, you'll be in a good place! Grab beats Shield, Shield beats Attack, and Attack beats Grab!
  • Support Slots – Many primary spirits that can't team up with a support spirit make up for it with improved attack or defense.
  • Series Bonus – If you use a fighter and primary spirit from the same series, you'll receive a slight power boost.
  • Smash with Spirits – You can equip spirit teams even in regular Smash. Just make sure you've turned spirits on in the rules.
  • Shield Damage – A spirit's defensive power affects shields too. If a fighter has low defense, their shield may break from a single strike!