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Invisibomb glitch

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The invisibomb glitch is a specific glitch for Link in Super Smash Bros. If items are turned on, this glitch can be performed by any N64 character with Bob-ombs. Link pulls out a bomb and places it on the ground without having it explode. After waiting for some time, the bomb will near the explosion point, where Link will be just out of explosion range. Once the bomb detonates, Link will have just a few frames to grab it (now invisible) after the explosion. Link will not hold the bomb, but the initial bomb that was left becomes a mine-trap until someone steps on it to receive normal bomb detonation damage. The initial bomb will still remain but become inactive, causing objects to bounce off the bomb and not detonating it. From this point on, all new bombs thrown by Link will be invisible.


  • Even though the bomb is invisible, the bomb-detonation is still visible.
  • Glitch does not work for Motion-Sensor Bomb.
  • The invisibomb glitch can lead to an ultimate glitch through the use in combination with objects. However this may crash the game or force a reset due to being trapped without a way to being KO'd at times. The ultimate glitch is said to be discovered by Isai.