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Question: If a smasher changes their name on a Power Ranking, how do I redirect their old tag to their new tag on their smasher page? David Cameron (talk) 18:58, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

To create a redirect you need to be autoconfirmed (7 day account and 10+ edits). One thing I've seen on other PR pages is to list their new tag and add "Note: old tag -> new tag" beneath the table. --CanvasK (talk) 19:24, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

Ok thank you! David Cameron (talk) 19:27, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

Who is it? I can do it for you if you wish. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 19:34, October 27, 2020 (EDT) I found that DOOM's name was "MF DOOM!" and it should be redirected to DOOM David Cameron (talk) 21:47, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

MF DOOM! already exists. Black Vulpine of the 🦊Furry Nation🐺. Furries make the internets go! :3 21:56, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

Oh I didn't know that. Thank you! David Cameron (talk) 22:10, October 27, 2020 (EDT)