Floor glitch

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Marth using his Dolphin Slash on the blocks, which transports him to the top of them when timed precisely.
Meta Knight inside a block, attacking several Ice Climbers

The floor glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that allows Bowser, Meta Knight, Marth or Ike to become stuck inside or pass directly through blocks on a custom stage.



  • Any custom stage with a soft platform directly below a regular block or ice block will work.


Execution and result[edit]

The player must use Drill Rush, Shuttle Loop, Flying Slam, Dolphin Slash or Aether under the previously mentioned block formation. The character will then be stuck inside the block. This glitch can be used to become virtually invincible by using the said move at a set distance that will make the move's ascension come to a stop inside the blocks. Bombs, however, with high damage can let you get launched into the air and you need to try the glitch again.


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