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Curse of Weegee glitch

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The Curse of Weegee glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl discovered by the smasher AuraPKSmith which forces Luigi to continuously fall in his helpless animation. The name "Curse of Weegee" stems from an internet meme based on Luigi's appearance and character file name in the DOS version of the game Mario is Missing! referred to as "Weegee."

How to perform[edit]

The player should create a custom stage with a conveyor belt moving in the direction of a block that is right above the conveyor belt. Playing as Luigi, the player needs to move with the direction of the conveyor belt; Luigi's head should be eye level with the block. If done right, Luigi will fall in his falling animation until the player moves out.

Possible items[edit]

It is possible that items can do the glitch. Items such as the Super Scope can do the glitch, however two items are needed to touch each other. When performed correctly, the item should make a glitch noise repeatedly. The item should be taller on the ceiling of the block to work this correctly.