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Corrin (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 CorrinJab1SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 2 CorrinJab2SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 3 CorrinJab3SSB4.gif
Neutral attack rapid jab CorrinRapidJabSSB4.gif
Neutral attack finisher CorrinRapidJabFinisherSSB4.gif
Forward tilt CorrinFTiltSSB4.gif
Up tilt CorrinUTiltSSB4.gif
Down tilt CorrinDTiltSSB4.gif
Dash attack CorrinDashAttackSSB4.gif
Forward smash charging Dragon Fang Thrust (unavailable)
Forward smash Dragon Fang Thrust (unavailable)
Forward smash up Dragon Fang Thrust (unavailable)
Forward smash down Dragon Fang Thrust (unavailable)
Up smash Vertical Dragon Fang Thrust CorrinUSmashSSB4.gif
Down smash Yato Dragon Fang CorrinDSmashSSB4.gif
Neutral aerial CorrinNAirSSB4.gif
Forward aerial CorrinFAirSSB4.gif
Back aerial Dragon Fang Wings CorrinBAirSSB4.gif
Up aerial CorrinUAirSSB4.gif
Down aerial Dragon's Piercing Drop CorrinDAirSSB4.gif
Down aerial landing Dragon's Piercing Drop CorrinDAirLandingSSB4.gif
Neutral special uncharged Dragon Fang Shot (unavailable)
Neutral special fully charged Dragon Fang Shot (unavailable)
Neutral special uncharged bite Dragon Fang Shot (unavailable)
Neutral special fully charged bite Dragon Fang Shot (unavailable)
Side special Dragon Lunge (unavailable)
Side special forward kick Dragon Lunge CorrinSSpecialKickSSB4.gif
Side special back kick Dragon Lunge CorrinSSpecialKickBackSSB4.gif
Up special Dragon Ascent CorrinUSpecialSSB4.gif
Down special Counter Surge CorrinDSpecialSSB4.gif
Down special attack Counter Surge CorrinDSpecialAttackSSB4.gif
Standing grab CorrinGrabSSB4.gif
Dash grab CorrinDashGrabSSB4.gif
Pivot grab CorrinPivotGrabSSB4.gif
Pummel CorrinPummelSSB4.gif
Forward throw CorrinFThrowSSB4.gif
Back throw CorrinBThrowSSB4.gif
Up throw CorrinUThrowSSB4.gif
Down throw Dragon-Form Kick CorrinDThrowSSB4.gif