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"Flag" redirects here. For the item, see Special Flag.

Flags of different countries that Smash is played in.

If you require a flag that's not here for a user page or smasher page, ask on this category's talk page. If you wish to provide a flag yourself, here's the lowdown:

  • All flags are borrowed from Wikipedia (typically from the "Flag of X" page).
  • The .svg may not necessarily render correctly if taken straight. There are two things that usually need to be done if they aren't already:
    1. Add a viewBox element to the svg opening tag. Some browsers need this or they won't scale the image when shrunk.
    2. Ensure that the flag's colours go a fair distance beyond the image boundaries (the standard is 100px). If not, shrunk flags may have a transparent row or column of pixels at the edge that looks awful when the image is bordered.

If you're not confident about doing these, just post on the talk page (or contact Toomai directly if there's no response for a few days) and it'll be done properly.

Only countries, please. We'd rather not get into debates over which countries should have states/provinces/etc. represented and which shouldn't.

  • When it comes to the United Kingdom, which is a country made of countries, we assign players the "inner" flag on articles primarily about that region (e.g. pages for UK players, or UK tournaments full of mainly UK players), and the "outer" flag elsewhere (e.g. American tournaments or global PRs).
  • Quebec is an exception because it's used as a language icon for Canadian French (it's not supposed to be used for players/tournaments/etc).

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