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Byleth (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 BylethJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 BylethJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 BylethJab3.gif
Neutral attack infinite BylethRapidJab.gif
Neutral attack finisher BylethRapidJabFinisher.gif
Forward tilt BylethFTilt.gif
Up tilt BylethUTilt.gif
Down tilt BylethDTilt.gif
Dash attack BylethDashAttack.gif
Forward smash BylethFSmash.gif
Forward smash up BylethFSmashUp.gif
Forward smash down BylethFSmashDown.gif
Up smash BylethUSmash.gif
Down smash BylethDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial BylethNAir.gif
Forward aerial BylethFAir.gif
Back aerial BylethBAir.gif
Up aerial BylethUAir.gif
Down aerial BylethDAir.gif
Neutral special Failnaught BylethNSpecial.gif
Neutral special interpolated Failnaught BylethNSpecialInterpolated.gif
Neutral special fully charged moving image Failnaught BylethNSpecialMax.gif
Neutral special fully charged still image Failnaught BylethNSpecialMax.png
Side special grounded Areadbhar BylethSSpecialGrounded.gif
Side special aerial Areadbhar BylethSSpecialAerial.gif
Up special grounded Sword of the Creator BylethUSpecialGrounded.gif
Up special aerial Sword of the Creator BylethUSpecialAerial.gif
Down special Aymr BylethDSpecial.gif
Down special super armour Aymr BylethDSpecialSuperArmour.gif
Final smash Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven BylethFinalSmash.gif
Standing grab BylethGrab.gif
Dash grab BylethDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab BylethPivotGrab.gif
Pummel BylethPummel.gif
Forward throw BylethFThrow.gif
Back throw BylethBThrow.gif
Up throw BylethUThrow.gif
Down throw BylethDThrow.gif
Getup attack front BylethGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back BylethGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip BylethTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack BylethLedgeAttack.gif