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Wi-Fi Warrior Rank

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Wi-Fi Warrior Rank
WWR Logo.jpg
Years active 2018-present
Region Online
Game(s) supported Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank (WWR) is a biannual list ranking the best players in online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments. Created by TacosBrick and Cloudhead, the WWR initially served the same purpose for online Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments, doing so in its first two seasons, before making the transition to Ultimate for its third season onward.

The first two seasons ranked the top 50 players and had a predetermined number of tournaments from large online tournament series that were privately ranked on a tournament tier system (C, B, A, S), with sub-only tournaments being omitted. From the third season onward, the tournament tier system was publicly released and any tournaments aside from weeklies and sub-only tournaments were eligible for consideration on the rankings. The power rankings received another overhaul in the fifth season and were increased to the top 75 players to accommodate the increased number of online players. The sixth season removed the eligibility restrictions on sub-only tournaments, albeit with a reduced multiplier for sub-only events, however, it was also reduced back to the top 50 due to its decreased players.

Following the seventh season, the rankings took an extended break due to the online scene shrinking significantly as a result of the return of offline competitive play as well as Cloudhead losing motivation. Although an eighth season was hinted at and joked about during this time, it was not formally announced until March 2024, with several new changes to adapt to the newer online landscape.

Banned players[edit]

Due to a number of sexual harassment and abuse incidents in the community, the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank have banned the following players from their rankings:

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