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Uploading Battlefield form pics[edit]

Hello, and welcome to the SmashWiki! I saw you were uploading pics for the Battlefield forms, which is great, but they must be uploaded to the link in the Battlefield form template, which is in .png form. One way to easily change that is to go here, and don't forget to license them as well, otherwise keep up the good work! You're doing great! SonicSpeed48ThanksgivingSig4.pngSonic, the Thankful SpeedsterFallLovingTigger.png 13:56, 19 November 2018 (EST)

To add to what was said above, the easiest way to upload an Omega or Battlefield form is click the redlink of the missing image and uploading it from that (as said above, it must be .png). These redlinks are found in the articles Ω form and Battlefield form. It's also the easiest way to check if we have an image already as we have been uploading from those redlinks. VoqéoT 09:11, 20 November 2018 (EST)