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UtH Avi.png

Ultimate mains Mewtwo, Banjo & Kazooie
SSB4 mains Sonic, Mewtwo
Brawl mains Sonic, Falco
Melee mains Mewtwo, Falco
SSB64 mains Ness, Link
Project M mains Mewtwo, Sonic
Additional info
Birth date (age 26)
Location Minnesota United States

I am Voqéo (formerly known here as Unknown the Hedgehog from 2008-2018 before a name change), and I mostly do edits on where the elements of the Smash Bros. games originate from.

When I'm not here, I'm likely working or hanging out with friends.

Even though it may sometimes appear that I'm not on for long periods of time, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm not here as I come on occasionally to look through the recent changes.

To-do list

  • Rewriting stage origin sections since most are a mess (admittedly, I wrote most of them years ago so it's my fault).