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Hello, anonymous user![edit]

Greetings, IP address!

You've made some constructive edits to this wiki. We appreciate your contributions here, because as with any contributor, you are valuable! However, we do recommend you create an account. Here are some reasons why:

You gain a few extra tools and rights! Upon becoming an "auto-confirmed user" (waiting 4 days and making 10 edits after registering), you gain some basic abilities, such as being able to create pages, mark your edits as minor, or edit semi-protected pages. What's more, users can gain rollback, or even become an administrator with a lot of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. See the links for more details.
Your identity can no longer change! Editing from a different city, state, town, or just a different place makes your IP address change according to the location, and people cannot tell you are the same person. In fact, there is truly no way of proving whether you have contributed from multiple places or not. Under a registered account, however, that wouldn't happen, and people can tell who you are regardless of your current location thanks to a username that is much more easily recognizable than a series of numbers.
It will allow people to know you are online! There is a list at the top of the recent changes that shows the editors who are online. However, this bar doesn't show IPs, for both privacy and clutter reasons. Since you're an IP, people will not even know you are here unless you do something! Creating an account will solve that and people will then know when it is best to contact you.
Questions? Concerns? Don't worry about it! You can personally message me at my talk page or visit the help desk if you are confused or on the fence about something. We will try to respond as soon as possible.
Still not convinced? See this page for more details and benefits.

When choosing a username or alias to go by, you need to keep this in mind! With that out of the way, we await to see you as a registered user here on SmashWiki!

034.png DracoRex, Creator of the Land 21:23, 25 October 2018 (EDT)

Your edits to SSB4 character pages[edit]

Hey there, I've noticed you've been editing SSB4 character pages quite frequently. It's nice that you're contributing to the wiki, but constantly reverting them to the wording you want them to have every time others edit them is quite unnecessary, don't you think? This is mainly regarding character changes. They're fine as long as they're concise, correct, and follow the wiki's manual of style; you don't need to edit nearly entire change sections only to re-add the specific words and phrases you want them to have like "potential", "altered", and such. You're just bloating the sections and making them more redundant instead by doing so. This includes splitting changes concerning the same move into multiple points: the bullet points themselves already ensure their readability is good, so it's generally better to have all changes to a move in a single point rather than bloat the article with more of them.

Additionally, whenever you do intend to make significant changes such as claiming whether something is a buff instead of a nerf (or the other way around), an explanation would be appreciated, preferably in edit summaries, rather than simply putting "Minor edit" at times, so it's easier for other users (like me) to know your reasons for such claims and discuss them. The wiki is a collaborative project, after all.

Lastly, I'd like to know if you're the same user behind these IP addresses, given your nearly identical edit patterns. If that's the case, you should really listen to this advice and be more careful with your edits, because not only they have been problematic in the past, but editing under what are essentially multiple accounts is frowned upon in the wiki.

Thanks in advance. 034.png DracoRex, Creator of the Land 21:23, 25 October 2018 (EDT)

Notice.png This is an IP's talk page. While it's not a requirement to have a username, those that do not can only be recognized by their IP address, which can change over time and/or be assigned to an unrelated user; they can even be shared by multiple users. If this talk page belongs to your IP but its comments are intended for someone else, you may want to login or create an account to eliminate future confusion.