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Final Smash Examplars[edit]

Just to clarify my edit, that section explains how different classifications are changed in power. As such, Dark Pit Staff is actually a VERY GOOD example, as it's an exemplar case of how that class hasn't been powered down, even in new Final Smashes. Also, thanks for your contribuitions, and why not create an account here? ScoreCounter 01:43, 9 May 2015 (EDT)

(In Response to reply left on own Talk Page) Ah. Well, that's all good I guess. But two things:
  1. Don't reply on a user's own TP. Just reply in the same section. People who post to TP's often idle on Recent Changes, so they'll know when you reply.
  2. Lazy or not, no offence, editing Out of Account when you have an account counts as Sockpuppetry. It makes life easier and avoids situations like this when you're logged in.
Anyway, rant-ish over. Have a nice day! ScoreCounter 02:19, 9 May 2015 (EDT)
  1. I have never edited on a wiki where cross-user talk page conversations were not accepted, so I apologize that I was not aware of this (although I think it's extreme for this to not be allowed, if anything it should just be a recommendation that it not be done).
  2. I can see why this is a thing, but (and I know you're not an admin, but since you brought this up, I may as well just state my opinion on this) I feel like this is somewhat of an unfair rule as the IP is connected to my account - it's still me. Yes, IPs change, but IP checking is also a thing that can be used if an anonymous user causes trouble (I'm not sure how NIWA IP checking would work, but I'd assume that there would be a way to see if any accounts use a specific IP as the functions seem much more advanced than on something like Wikia where I don't believe that is possible for the staff to do; although it probably isn't and I sound ignorant saying this). Also, again, I feel like it's extreme to call that sockpuppeting. --Skittles (talkcontribslogs)
...Yeah, looking at it, I've used kind of extreme language. Cross-Page convo's aren't strictly disallowed, I don't think, it's just it makes recording and archiving easier if all the conversation is in the same thread, so to speak. And... well, it's only sockpupetry if it's intentional and malicious. Again, it's more for the purpose of recording (All your contribs end up together, you have a merged TP), that, if you edit whilst logged out, some of your edits aren't attributed to you. And, yeah, there is a way to check if an IP has been used by a registered user, and vice versa. ScoreCounter 02:55, 9 May 2015 (EDT)
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