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The amazing owen
The amazing owen
SSB4 main Corrin
Other SSB4
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Real name Owen Blader
Location Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA


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Fun Facts![edit]

  • I'm a Cloud stereotype (Continuously rolling away from the opponent then charging up Limit Charge).
  • When I saw the SSB4 tier list, I went on youtube and played ode to joy.
  • My brother is an expert on Pokemon, thanks to the help with Bulbapedia.
    • However, he doesn't even have an account on Bulbapedia.
  • I'm a member of Team Mystic.

Currently Creating[edit]

  • User:The amazing owen/Sandbox


  • I consider these minor universes as minor third party universes because their first game was released on a non-Nintendo console. They are Culdcept, Fatal Frame, and even Tetris.
  • Mii costume based universes such as Splatoon should be secondary universes because they are based on the Mii Fighters.
  • If Ridley was cut in SSB4 because of his size, then Olimar would've never become a smasher since he's only 2 Centimeters in his game.
  • I feel like I'm the only person on earth that hates April Fools Day.
  • I think I found an HD version of the Super Smash Bros. Melee trailer here.
  • Players that main "Random" = They main all fighters.
  • If Project M didn't cease development, we would have seen Knuckles, Lyn, Isaac, and Sami in Project M, and they would (obviously) have there own Project M articles on SmashWiki.

What I wish[edit]

  • The only place to do fanon is your user-page.

Mii fighter's QR codes[edit]

Mii fighter's QR codes.png

Smash arena ideas[edit]

Melee and Brawl designs for Fire Emblem veterans VS. SSB4 designs for Fire Emblem veterans (Which is the better design?)

Snake VS. Bayonetta (An epic battle between 2 characters from 1 smash bros. game and debuted in a franchise of M-Rated games! Who will win?)