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MarioIcon(SSBU).png This user likes mushrooms.
LuigiIcon(SSBU).png This user is a wimp.
DrMarioIcon(SSBU).png This user stays away from apples
ToadIcon(SSBPM).jpg This user strongly hopes Toad is part of the post fighter pass DLC wave.
PeachIcon(SSBU).png This user needs to be cut so that Toad can finally be playable.
DaisyIcon(SSBU).png Hi I'm Daisy!
RosalinaIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't like Rosalina's post-Galaxy 2 voices.
WarioIcon(SSBU).png Do'h I missed!
PiranhaPlantIcon(SSBU).png This user hates Samsung SD cards
YoshiIcon(SSBU).png This user pays his taxes.
BowserIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers brawns over brains.
BowserJrIcon(SSBU).png This user has a mama.
DonkeyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user does not like bananas.
DiddyKongIcon(SSBU).png This user does not like hats.
KingKRoolIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Mii costumes are offensive.
LinkIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks it sure is boring around here.
YoungLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user does not like milk.
ToonLinkIcon(SSBU).png This user has big eyes.
ZeldaIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks being seperated from Shiek is both a blessing and a curse.
SheikIcon(SSBU).png This user actually didn't know Shiek was a woman until Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
GanondorfIcon(SSBU).png This user is fast
VillagerIcon(SSBU).png This user has a giant head.
IsabelleIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks Smash has too many dogs and not enough cats.
SamusIcon(SSBU).png This user seriously thought Samus was Captain Falcon in Melee, I am not kidding.
ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBU).png y can't this user crawl.
DarkSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user wonders if he's just a recolor.
RidleyIcon(SSBU).png This user is concerned about his size.
KirbyIcon(SSBU).png This user doesn't pay his taxes.
MetaKnightIcon(SSBB).png This user likes Brawl.
KingDededeIcon(SSBU).png This user needs to clobber dat pink guy.
FoxIcon(SSBM).png TORIYAH!
NessIcon(SSBU).png This user is ambivalent towards Strawberry Tofu.
LucasIcon(SSBU).png PK FREEZE!
CaptainFalconIcon(SSBU).png FALCONE PAWNCH!
PikachuIcon(SSBU).png This user managed evolve Pikachu without the use of a Thunderstone.
JigglypuffIcon(SSBU).png This user seriously wonders why this character is in Smash.
PichuIcon(SSBU).png This user legitimately can't believe people wanted this character back.
MewtwoIcon(SSBU).png You cannot grasp the true form of Mewtwo's attack!
PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBU).png ... ... ... ... ... ...
SquirtleIcon(SSBU).png This user likes Squirtle a whole lot.
IvysaurIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers this grass type over all others.
CharizardIcon(SSBU).png This user has wings and he can't fly.
TotodileIcon(SSBPM).jpg This user has a brother who likes Totodile so much that he hacked my copy of Project M to add him in.
LucarioIcon(SSBU).png This user is the original, not the clone.
GreninjaIcon(SSBU).png This user prefers buffs over nerfs.
IncineroarIcon(SSBU).png This user was indecisive on who to choose in Sun and Moon, so he went for Popplio.
IceClimbersIcon(SSBM).png This user is wobbly.
MarthIcon(SSBM).png This user has magnet hands.
LucinaIcon(SSBU).png This user is female.
RoyIcon(SSBM).png This user our man.
IkeIcon(SSBU).png This user fights for his foes.
RobinIcon(SSBU).png This user tipped the weight scales.
CorrinIcon(SSBU).png This user likes corrin-on-the-cob.
ChromIcon(SSBU).png This user does not care about Fire Emblem.
MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBU).png This user can't land smoothly with the L button.
PitIcon(SSBU).png This user advertises for Staples.
PalutenaIcon(SSBU).png This user has a maniacal laugh.
DarkPitIcon(SSBU).png Ow the edge.
OlimarIcon(SSBU).png This user has no eyes.
ROBIcon(SSBU).png This user can't drive on Rainbow Road.
LittleMacIcon(SSBU).png This user can't recover.
WiiFitTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user has no face.
ShulkIcon(SSB4-U).png This user is really feeling nothing.
DuckHuntIcon(SSBU).png This user is pure evil.
SnakeIcon(SSBU).png This user has bombs.
MegaManIcon(SSBU).png This user is scared of psychic kids.
Pac-ManIcon(SSBU).png This user is round.
SonicIcon(SSBU).png This user is too slow.
RyuIcon(SSBU).png Think you can win with this user? Sure you can!
KenIcon(SSBU).png This user's got the hair.
CloudIcon(SSBU).png This user is the new Marth.
BayonettaIcon(SSBU).png This user is bad competitive wise, so she asked her mum for a buff.
InklingIcon(SSBU).png This user is a squid kid.
SimonIcon(SSBU).png It is said that this user is the brother of Alvin and Theodore Belmont.
RichterIcon(SSBU).png TAKE THIS!
JokerIcon(SSBU).png This user is looking cool.
HeroIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks universally banning Hero is just stupid.
Banjo&KazooieIcon(SSBU).png This user wishes he was never sold to Microsoft.
MiiSwordfighterIcon(SSBU).png This user has a sword,
MiiGunnerIcon(SSBU).png a gun,
MiiBrawlerIcon(SSBU).png and a pair of gloves.
AidanzapunkUserboxImage.png This user trusts and is a friend of Aidanzapunk.
SerpKing sig.png This user knows and kind of likes that one Serpent King guy. He kind of smells of old broccoli though...
NessIcon(SSB).png This user enjoys Sugar. And Cookies. And PK Fire spams.

Here's my userbox if anyone is interested

ST64UserboxIcon.png This user celebrates their racing victories with SupaToad64.