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Welcome to the game I play, yes this is a hitbox that looks like a Box and yes this up tilt is broken

One little note: sorry if I make any grammar errors, I usually edit this at work so I have other stuff to pay attention to.

Hi, Welcome to my homepage.

Welcome to my talk page. You will find a more complete summary of me on my Smasher:KoRoBeNiKi page besides this. I play chess outside of smash (top 150 in NJ/expert) and I am a data entry specialist (95 or so wpm) with a particular interest in healthcare and sociology.

General Summary

I am one of the founding members of the (once) smash 64 backroom on Smashboards (username the same) so please ask me about any questions regarding smash 64 online and smash 64 in general. I preferably am contacted on Reddit under username CabassoG as I am not active on smashboards outside of the very few articles I write.

I can and will explain just about anything about 64 out but I specialize more with competitive play as well as online play. I am not too good at explaining things related to either Mupen64k, exact frame data how to TAS, or how to setup a controller. To an extent, this also applies to melee (but not nearly as much as 64) and to an extent to PM (but I don't know it nearly as well compared to melee). In terms of the Melee scene, I am also very knowledgeable about Melee players prior and post 2007, especially on the East Coast but everywhere post 2010. You'll probably see me also on twitch as I mod/troll on a few channels.

My "mission"

I wish to make this wiki a good place for people to see both the competitive and non-competitive side of gaming. This means editing things that do not make sense and making this wiki as proper as possible (outside of userpages...i don't care about them). I am also completely for tiers, and I am a fan of getting into debates, so chat if you want, just expect a good response. I am pro-tier list as I believe a fighting game is impossible to not have a tier list though the tier list is more accurate at the top than at the bottom due to those characters being underused.

I want this to be reputable so joke edits are removed, joke combos are being removed, and other joking stuff is also. Though I do prefer Liquipedia for relevant tournament information.

Smash 64/Melee/PM/Brawl

Smash 64

This is not a tier list, this is my personal aptitude list. I specialize in low tiers and floaty matchups along with Fox. I use the down c button color for all characters (such as Blue Yoshi/Black Falcon) and I use blue or green in teams.

S: My mains (by far).
A: Secondaries
B: Joke Characters
C: Worse than a bad pun
Super Smash Bros
S Rank Yoshi, Falcon
A Rank Pikachu, Fox (gap) Samus, Mario (gap) Luigi, DK
B Rank Kirby, Ness (large gap)
C Rank Link, Jigglypuff


Project M is my other favorite smash game along with 64. I main Luigi (Purple or Blue,) with a strong Samus (light suit) and Yoshi (white or blue) secondary with a pretty good Sheik (green,) Ganon (purple [old],) and Game and Watch [green or blue.] I can use most characters at a semi-competent level outside of the space animals as well as Sonic/Lucario/Lucas. I used to team with Keychain as a Luigi/D3 mix and we had some strong wins such as Dirtboy/Ripple using jank.


Melee is my other favorite community along with 64. My main is Luigi (Yellow) and I have a Sheik (Red,) Ganondorf (Purple,) Samus (Purple,) Yoshi, and Game and Watch. I used to play just about weekly in NYC at HectoHertz's tournaments but I mostly play 64 now.


I don't play anymore. I used to main Luigi/Sheik with a Marth/Snake/Game and Watch/Falcon/PK-Trainer/My terrible Metaknight as secondaries. I used to go on AIB very often under KoRo? and some alts. I used to play online but the delay annoyed me too much.

My contributions

SSB Movesets (Samus, whoever else is missing) SSBM Movesets Relevant information regarding players. Old school smashers. Updates to 64 matchup charts. SSB64/SSBM Online/offline players. Online servers. Online clans. PPS Clan (relic) Myself. Japanese smashers (more specifically 64 though occasionally melee.) Minor changes to other pages (if there is wrong info.) Adding newer melee events because no one does that here anymore.

My Main Revisions

Getting rid of "techniques" that don't exist or exist with extremely low DI. Old information that doesn't apply.

A few more useless Gifs I uploaded/my opinion of Kirby