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Hello, and welcome to my user page!

About Me

I am a fan of Country music, George Jones (hence my username), and John Denver. I play Smash Bros. and I enjoy the series. I have played Brawl and Smash 4. I have plans of getting Ultimate when it releases. I play on For Fun when playing online. I am a Corrin fan. I have weathered some hurricanes since I live on the coast of South Carolina. Notable examples include: Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Florence, and Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Matthew left me without power for around five days. Hurricane Florence forced me to evacuate, thus my inactivity here. And last but not least, Hurricane Michael. Aside from gusty winds and a two hour power outage, it brushed me, also it weakened to a tropical storm before it brushed me.

Music of the month

This is updated monthly starting on the first of every month. For times I don't update on the first, I keep it up a while longer.


Pages I made

I only have created one page so far and it is Adventure Mode (disambiguation) due to Melee, 'Brawl, and Ultimate having an adventure mode, but with different names.


May this be the perfect photo.
Whew! White Lightning!
An excellent album if you ask me.
I'll take one Wombo Combo with a side of relish please.
There is a whole lotta' shakin' goin' on!