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Oh hey you clicked my name[edit]

Hello. I'm Everone123, and I've made 245 edits to this wiki so far.

Some things you might want to know[edit]

  • I sometimes make multiple edits to the same page/section because my device sometimes fails to save edits, and I don't want to risk losing my data since it is difficult to type on aforementioned device.
    • My browser also occasionally deletes a chunk of text when trying to save an edit; know that this is unintentional should it occur.
  • My main device cannot upload images.
  • I am still quite new to SmashWiki, and may make mistakes sometimes.
  • My main device sometimes crashes upon selecting large textboxes.
  • I can't use the toolbar at the top of the editing box. I type everything manually.
    • And typing on this thing takes a LONG time.
  • I'm not smart.

If this did not answer your comment, please leave it on my talk page.


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