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Hey yall...just a little known user on this wiki. I play Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS and the Wii U. I also have a youtube channel: Eletro's Bladeworks, it has random videos of smash replays etc. I hail from SoCal, but recently moved to the Alabama area. I'm a strong Greninja main and I go to OMHS.

SSB4 main Greninja
Other SSB4
Brawl main Meta Knight
Other Brawl
Pokemon Trainer
Melee main Sheik
Project M main Ivysaur
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Noob
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Noob
Super Smash Bros. 4 Pro-amateur
PM Icon.png Noob
Additional info
Location Birmingham, Alabama United States

Shadow Sneak Hitstun Cancel (SSHC)[edit]

Okay, so the wiki thinks this isn't a notable technique and has been patched out... well no it isn't. Shadow Sneak Hitstun Cancel, also known as SSHC is a advanced technique used by Greninja mains to escape combos and multi-hit moves. This can also be used to parry a low knockback move such as jab or Zelda's Lightning Kick. To execute this: during a combo or multi-hit move, mash side special to the way you want to escape (left or right). This has been shown or talked about by well known smashers such as: MySmashCorner, iStudying, ZeRo and many more. It is extremely useful for counterattacking during a down throw at lower percents, effectively great against Mario, Luigi etc.

This isn't a free get-out-of-jail card, people can eventually catch you or shield your attack. Be wary of when you use it, but there are times that this will always get you out such as Diddy Kong's forward smash and up smash.

Some People I know[edit]

I know a couple of people that have a huge amount of potential:

  • ReignGlory- Mario, Luigi, Diddy Kong main and my doubles partner. We went to a Birmingham Brawl and got 17th.
  • Darth_Kris- Zelda main and in my opinion one of the best Zeldas in NA.
  • Troy- Lucas and Kirby main, more of a Smash 4 Hungrybox.
  • Dark_Link- Link main, extremely hard to fight against especially if you aren't playing right.
  • Frisk- Corrin, Lucario, Jigglypuff main, really good player.

Eletro's Buff's Wall of Text[edit]


  • Buff Neutral aerial has hitboxes that start up early and also is faster in the move itself and has less ending lag. The moves hitboxes line up with the animation.
  • Buff Forward aerial has stronger and knockback is angled horizontally downward (like Sheik’s forward aerial in Melee)
  • Buff Up aerial has more mobility, easier to drag opponents down, and to go up with them.
  • Buff Forward smash has a bit more range.
  • Buff Hydro Pump has more knockback and does 3% more damage.
  • Buff Substitute has a different animation and use, instead it launches Greninja in a backward motion (can be B-reversed). The place Greninja once was is replaced with a doll, that if he touches it with his hurtbox, will have the substitute “substituting” for him then he is transparent for the time he is holding it. The doll will take the damage for Greninja, only 1/10 of the percent Greninja is at. Greninja will have to wait at 10 seconds before he can use another substitute, but can move around using it, he will just take 5% damage. The time to make another substitute will take more time after 80%, adding on 0.5 seconds each 10% above 80% Greninja takes.
  • Buff Shadow Sneak can be canceled. You can use Shadow Sneak and during the animation of the entire attack, you will be able to cancel it back to where you used Shadow Sneak with a sliding animation, but not a lot of lag. Running Shadow Sneak is implemented. Shadow Sneak disappears faster and reappears faster. Shadow Sneak disappears on frame one, rendering the disappearance invincible and not the move, but not unblockable. It reappears the move appears on frame one. The move is invincible when he reappears, but not while he attacks and is not unblockable.
  • Buff Down throw has a different trajectory, better leading into neutral aerial and forward aerial, also less knockback (much like Sheik in Melee).
  • Buff Up throw has more knockback growth, being able to K.O. medium weight opponents at 140%. With no rage
  • Buff Pummel is faster by 2 frames and does 1% more damage.
  • Buff Wall Jump has higher height on the jump. Wall Cling is 7 seconds long, as much as Lucario and Sheik
  • Buff Hitbox is reverted back to pre-patch 1.0.3..
  • Buff Greninja cannot drown


  • Buff Jab can lead into itself
  • Buff Forward and back aerial have less landing lag
  • Buff Up aerial is faster, and can be guaranteed from a down throw.
  • Buff Down tilt has a different trajectory making it easier to chain neutral aerials, or forward aerials into it.
  • Buff Up tilt is slightly faster.
  • Buff Down smash has slightly more range.
  • Buff Up smash has more range, is longer, and is faster. Like Brawl
  • Buff Weak forward and back aerial have less landing lag than the sweetspot hit.
  • Buff Nayru's Love has different properties depending on how long you hold the special button. Nayru’s Love can either have a hitbox to make it easier to combo with, or a hitbox that is just to stuff opponent's attacks.
  • Buff Farore’s Wind is faster, can sweetspot the edge even around a rounded edge, and has invincibility on the first few frames of the move and the few ending frames of the move
  • Buff Din’s Fire will not put Zelda into helplessness after the move has been executed. The projectile can be controlled by Zelda. Zelda can allow the Fire to stay in one place and can explode it by pressing special, or allow it to explode after a few seconds. Zelda can summon 3 Din’s Fire instead of 1 at once, one going diagonally up, one going straight, another going diagonally down. She will be able to control them after the execution time of the move is finished, as they will home into their target. Much like Absa’s side special in RoA.
  • Buff Phantom Slash is invincible (the Phantom not Zelda) during the attack. The Phantom can move on its own and will attack any nearby enemy. The Phantom is impervious to projectiles. The Phantom will last 9 seconds when she is in it, and can only sustain 30% damage.
  • Buff Down throw has a different trajectory and can lead into neutral aerials, up aerials, and forward and back aerials easier.
  • Buff Slightly faster walk speed and run speed


  • Buff Jab can jab lock.
  • Buff Down tilt is faster
  • Buff Forward aerial chains easier.
  • Buff Back aerial is much stronger, killing an earlier 10%
  • Buff Down aerial can chain into an up smash like Melee
  • Buff Up aerial is faster by 3 frames.
  • Buff Sing’s hitbox is out for the entirety of the move. The move is unblockable. The move’s hitboxes start in the first frame of the move. Heals allies (team). Jigglypuff also has the ability to cancel sing after the 10 frames
  • Buff Rest will heal Jigglypuff, 1% per 1 seconds. Rest is also stronger and kills earlier by 20%,and has horizontal knockback instead of vertical.
  • Buff Up throw leads into Rest from 10% to 60% unless for lightweights which is 5% to 50%. The knockback scaling of the move is immensely reduced. The move also has more hitstun. Also being able to chain forward and back aerials, a rest perhaps if read airdodge

Some Personal Stuff[edit]

I will probably use this section as a place to stuff my thoughts into

I suffer from depression and have a bit of autism. I also have 2 personalities: a crazy, nice person, or a depressing, murderous person. Mainly depends on my mood, probably that I'm in Scouts, still a second class cuz im lazy. Also I go to the Church Of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, or more commonly referred as the Mormon Church.

As I've said, I have a youtube channel (Eletro's Bladeworks), I also have Twitter and Instagram, but I'll never share it or use it derp. I'm also active on Smash Amino, by the name of PAX|Eletro.