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Brawl main Snake
SSB64 main Kirby
Skill Other Pro-Am
Additional info
Real name Alejandro Cardiel
Birth date (age 29)
Location Celaya, Guanajuato Mexico

Hi, I'm a smasher from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. I've been playing SSB. since 1999 (I think) and I still do. Since I had my first console, the N64, I've been into the video game universe, since I feel a deep passion for them. The N64 is my favorite console and I love the games that was developed for it. Since I was a kid, I knew that SSB. wasn't a normal game, I found it very competitive and deep. Since then, I've been training my skill and mostly my mindgames. I'm playing SSB.M because I enjoy it so much a. I play with my my brother who mains Fox, and we train daily. We still enjoy playing SSB., but since the competitive scene in Mexico it's too small, we hope we can play online. We dislike the physics of SSB.B so we don't play it often, we started to get in the competitive scene since 2009 in Brawl thought. I discovered a glitch in SSB. that froze the N64 that I plan to upload once I can, also, my brother discovered the glitch we called the "different dimension glitch", and I'll post a thread on SWF and Smash-Mex to discuss it.

Tournament Activity

  • 1st - ITC tournament (Brawl)
  • 3rd - Expo Anime Celaya (Brawl)
  • 3rd - Expo Anime Celaya (Melee)

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