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The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time[edit]

  1. Elite Beat Agents. While it may have only 19 songs, they're some of the most awesome songs I've ever heard.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This is where the best of the best of Nintendo music comes together!
  3. Mother 1+2. While containing lots of great tracks, neither M1 or EB would make it on the list alone. However, combined, it reaches number 3!
  4. Super Mario Galaxy. How could you NOT like such classics like Gusty Garden Galaxy?
  5. Pokemon Black/White. Ranging from the epic Team Plasma Battle to the surprisingly emotional N's Farewell, this soundtrack has a wide range of great tracks.
  6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Inexplicably AWESOME!
  7. Super Smash Bros. Melee. While inferior to Brawl's soundtrack, it has its great pieces too, like Kongo Jungle.
  8. Kirby Air Ride. The game's crappy, but the soundtrack certainly isn't. Who could forget Checker Knights?
  9. Mother 3. Tons of music, and while most of them aren't great listening material, hey, I'll take ~100 awesome compositions any day.
  10. Portal 2. Single-handedly because of Want You Gone.

Everyone's Favorite Music![edit]


AirCon's Pick![edit]

Dots's Pick![edit]

RoyboyX's Pick![edit]

ToastUltimatum's Pick![edit]

Fugudev's Pick![edit]

Captain Falcon's Pick![edit]

ReiDemon's Pick![edit]

Because of the sheer size of RD's music collection, I decided to let him have a whole album.

Mr. Anon's Pick![edit]

Emmett's Pick![edit]

VT's Pick![edit]

LightningBlue's Pick![edit]

KirbytheAmazing's Pick![edit]

PSIWolf's Pick![edit]

MegiBeelzebub's Pick![edit]

AirCon's Comment: I'm having a really hard time tolerating anime music on this page, but I'll let it slide. Note that having music from an anime/TV show on this page, while allowed, is heavily discouraged.

ChuckNorris24's Pick![edit]

Terrible's Pick![edit]

Brawls of fury's Pick![edit]

Everyone's Theme![edit]

Please note that I'm arranging these based on the themes themselves, not the associated characters/titles/areas. For example, Toomai's theme is Damon Gant's theme, and while he is like the music itself, he is NOTHING like Damon Gant.

Toomai: Damon Gant ~ Swimming, Anyone? [1] Important-sounding but cheerful.

Dots: Pollyanna [2] Cheerful and carefree, like dots.

ReiDemon: Prof. Layton's Theme [3] Sophisticated but fun-loving.

Shwido: Checker Knights [4] Quirky but fun.

Captain Falcon: Inside The Dungeon [5] Random and nonsensical.

ToastUltimatum: Title (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) [6] Very welcoming.

Bandit: Kongo Jungle (Melee) [7] Liked by some, hated by others.

Omega Tyrant: Shi-Long Lang ~ Speak Up, Pup! [8] Fearsome, formidable, and respectable.

PenguinofDeath: Strong One [9] Respectable, and liked by most.

DarkFox01: Mind of a Thief [10] While the title of the theme may suggest otherwise, the theme itself is fun and upbeat.

PSIWolf: Corneria (Melee) [11] Can be intimidating at times, but mostly awesome.

Emmett: Mr. L, Green Thunder [12] Badass.

RoyboyX: Fawful is There [13] Generally quirky and fun, but also has a surprisingly dark side, as anyone who read his movie script would know.

IceB: Fire Emblem (Melee) [14] Meant to be serious, but comes out a bit quirky.

Also, this section will become obsolete quickly as I introduce yet another useless subpage.

One final note[edit]

My favorite artists are the Beatles, Queen, and Jonathan Coulton.

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