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Smashacre was a series of six tournaments run in Scotch Plains, New Jersey by Warrior of Zarona of The Smash Affiliates. They were considered to be smaller/warm-up versions of the third installment of the "Smashtality" series. They were held on the first Saturday of each month. There is no other current available information about the results as the original topics have been archived and the original results are found on the now defunct site NealPro, hosted by Nealdt. The tournaments stopped since the store hosting both their events and the major Smashtality series closed.

There were also later larger tournaments known as Smashacre hosted by WoZ in 2013 along with Clash Tournaments in a different location in Scotch Plains known as Rising, Gluttony, Blaze, and Frostbite, respectably which later had events for Smash 64, Brawl, and Project M.


  • Tournament legal
  • Singles ($20 per person originally, went down)
  • Doubles ($10 per person)
  • Spectator ($5 per person)
  • Amount of people decide whether there are pools.



Smashacre #1[edit]

  • Singles Winner: Jigglypuff Haxzors
  • Doubles Winner: Jiggs and Bass

Smashacre #2[edit]

  • Singles Winner: Cactuar
  • Doubles Winner: Unknown

Smashacre #3[edit]

  • Singles Winner: Cactuar
  • Doubles Winner: Unknown

Smashacre #4[edit]

2013 Smashacre results[edit]

Smashacre Rising-January 2013[edit]

Melee Results

Smashacre Blaze-April 2013[edit]

Melee/PM Results

Smashacre Gluttony-August 2013[edit]

Melee/64/Brawl Results

Smashacre Frostbite-December 2013[edit]

Melee/64/PM/Brawl Results