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Tournament:ModGod Championship

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ModGod Championship
Banner for ModGod Championship.
Dates April 4th-5th, 2020
Attendance 66
Pot size(s) Amateur Bracket: $200
Top 100 Bracket: $2,804.69
Super Smash Bros. Melee winners USA SFAT (Top 100)
USA Android 0 (Amateur)
Director(s) n3zModGod

ModGod Championship was a major online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament that was held from April 4th-5th, 2020. The tournament featured a bracket for top players within the 2019 MPGR and a separate bracket for non-ranked players. Initially there was only $1,000 in the pot for the Top 100 bracket, but through donations this was raised to $2,804.69.


Super Smash Bros. Melee Top 100 Singles[edit]

(31 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA SFAT FoxHeadSSBM.png $1,204.69
2nd USA iBDW FoxHeadSSBM.png $400
3rd USA S2J CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png $300
4th USA Spark SheikHeadSSBM.png $250
5th USA Fiction FoxHeadSSBM.png $200
5th USA Shroomed SheikHeadSSBM.png $200
7th USA Lucky FoxHeadSSBM.png $125
7th USA Westballz FalcoHeadSSBM.png $125
9th USA Rocky FalcoHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Kalamazhu PeachHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Axe PikachuHeadSSBM.pngYoungLinkHeadSSBM.png
9th USA Tai MarthHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Syrox FoxHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Smashdaddy FoxHeadSSBM.png
13th USA Android 0 CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
13th USA null FoxHeadSSBM.png

Super Smash Bros. Melee Amateur Singles[edit]

(41 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA Android 0 CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png $200
2nd USA homemadewaffles FalcoHeadSSBM.png
3rd USA Venelox FoxHeadSSBM.png
4th USA Logos FalcoHeadSSBM.png
5th USA DiplomaticTucan
5th USA ijw CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png
7th USA null FoxHeadSSBM.png
7th USA MegaXmas FalcoHeadSSBM.png

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