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Tournament:Fight For SoCal

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Fight For SoCal
Founded 2018
Region Southern California USA
Format Double elimination


Round Robin


Director(s) Top Shelf Esports, LA Smash.

Fight For SoCal is a regional tournament series held at Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California. The series includes both Melee and Smash 64 tournaments. Melee is directed by Top Shelf and streamed on Top Shelf Esports, whilst Smash 64 is directed by Wookiee of Los Angeles Smash.

The regional series is also known to invite, fly out, and feature top out of region talent to take on the best of SoCal.


Super Smash Bros. Melee singles[edit]

Tournament Winner Runner-Up Entrants
Fight For SoCal 1 S2J Fiction 72
Fight For SoCal 2 SFAT iBDW 76
Fight For SoCal 3 Westballz ARMY 59
Fight For SoCal 4 S2J SFAT 85
Fight for SoCal V Westballz MikeHaze 61
Fight For SoCal 6 Westballz Fiction 50
Fight For SoCal 7 S2J SFAT 67
Fight For SoCal 8 SFAT iBDW 73

Super Smash Bros. Melee doubles[edit]

Tournament Winner Runner-Up Teams
Fight For SoCal 1 Nut & Vavez Ryan Ford & OkamiBW 10
Fight For SoCal 2 SFAT & Rocky Westballz & Shroomed 12
Fight For SoCal 3 AbsentPage & Salami ARMY & MegaXmas 14
Fight For SoCal 4 Fiction & FatGoku Nut & Vavez 12
Fight For SoCal 6 Nut & Vavez KoDoRiN & eRi 7
Fight For SoCal 7 MikeHaze & SFAT Gooms & Vavez 8

Super Smash Bros. singles[edit]

Tournament Winner Runner-Up Entrants
Fight For SoCal 2 Bard SOMBRERO 31
Fight For SoCal 3 blondekid SotoH 18
Fight for SoCal V JaimeHR Bard 21
Fight For SoCal 6 Bard blondekid 12
Fight For SoCal 7 Hero Pie blondekid 9
Fight For SoCal 8 blondekid salami ?


  • Fight For SoCal 4 was held on Sunday, March 17th, 2019 which coincidentally was St. Patricks Day and Squid's birthday.