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The Reads

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The Reads is a show produced by Cross Counter TV which stars Melee It On Me owners Toph and Scar doing netplay matches. Series are usually split among three to four episodes, with one episode premiering on YouTube weekly. People are also able to purchase portions of the show similar to The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross (the show that inspired The Reads). Some episodes feature guest appearances from other players in the Super Smash Bros. Melee community.[1][2]

The Reads[edit]

Episode(s) Release Guest
1-4 April 17th, 2017 Silent Wolf
5-8 May 22nd, 2017 Mango
9-12 June 19th, 2017 Alex19
13-16 July 17th, 2017 Phil
17-20 August 14, 2017
20-24 September 18th, 2017 PewPewU
25-28 October 16th, 2017 Syrox
29-32 November 13th, 2017 Lovage
33-34 December 11th, 2017 Lord


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