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This template is for displaying the head icon of a character.

|c  = Name of character, spelled how it is for their character pages.
|cl = Colour, in order to use palette-swapped icons. Must be same colour word used in filename. If left out, uses default.
|g  = Game abbreviation: SSB, SSBM, SSBB, SSB4, SSB4-3, or SSB4-U. SSB4 defaults to -U.
|s  = Size. Default is image's regular size.
|l  = Link. If left out, image links to the character's page. If set to something, image links there. If set to blank, image links nowhere.

You can leave out the c= part, but not the other ones. In addition, if you specify a colour, you must specify a game.

Example use

{{head|Mario|s=20px}} MarioHeadSSBU.png