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Vaffelrøre, which is Norwegian for stirred waffles, was a Norwegian smash crew, based in Trondheim/Verdal, Sør-trøndelag. They once had four members, two of them living in Trondheim, and two of them living in Verdal. As of 2008, Widl is currently the only Vaffelrøre-member still playing Melee.


Former members[edit]

  • BOM


Vaffelrøre initially started out as two individual crews. There was The Smashers of the Dark(TSOTD) in Trondheim, and The Smash Champs of Verdal(TSCOV) in Verdal. At the time, TSOTD consisted of Devilfish, Great Bob, and BOM, while TSCOV was made up of Widl and Jonnis. The members started out chatting over the internet, and decided to arrange a meeting. After a couple more meetings, they decided to join forces. Soon after the forming of Vaffelrøre, BOM decided to leave the crew.

Vaffelrøre has attended the tournaments Smashers Reunion, Smashers Reunion II, Smashers Reunion III, GulNer and Opptilt.