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The Smash Affiliates, also known as TSA, was an East Coast crew based in New Jersey, with a branch in Pennsylvania. The crew was led by Warrior of Zarona and is known for their tournament series, SMASHTALITY.


New Jersey main branch[edit]

Pennsylvania branch[edit]



The crew began in January of 2006. The crew was meant to be casual, however, that would not be the case. In February of that same year, WoZ entered a tournament held by The Human Stampede, a former NJ crew. Discussing a name for WoZ's crew, Boocif, one of THS' members, jokingly suggested to call themselves "The Affiliates," where the crew would be directly affiliated to THS. WoZ enjoyed the idea and decided that this would be the name of the crew. Since it conflicted with Team Arlington's initials, "TA," WoZ decided to rename it "The Smash Affiliates." It was also at this same tournament where WoZ got Mud and Muz to join the crew. Ever since then, the crew had been training with each other on occasion, and every so often, WoZ would spontaneously ask someone to join TSA. Heart Break Kid would then be the next to join the ranks. WoZ also tried to convince Emblem Lord, at that time a THS crew member, to join TSA, but was refused multiple times. TSA also attended an unofficial crew battle in Deadly Alliance's tournament, the Gauntlet. It was after this crew battle that WoZ realized he wanted to organize the crew into an official group of players that would be recognized in the Smash community.

Later years[edit]

TSA was a very active Melee crew between 2006 and 2007. However, the group later became inactive at the end of 2007, when Warrior of Zarona announced his retirement from the tournament scene on the last day of the school-year. After this, many of the older members of the community left, and the remaining members went to tournaments without officially representing TSA. TSA temporarily reactivated for a single tournament in 2009, which was Revival of Melee 3 and the last tournament Warrior of Zarona was in; this, however, did not last, and it remains the last official appearance of TSA in tournaments. Despite its demise, many members of the crew, such as Heart Break Kid, Scar (who is currently in California), and Cactuar, still play Melee competitively.

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