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From Virginia and Maryland, Team Arlington was one of the largest crews in competitive Smash.

Team Arlington was created at a local tournament when KM brought some of his newly-trained friends, such as Project Pat, to a local tournament in Maryland. The crew placed very well overall at MD/VA locals.

TA encouraged playing Smash for the love of the game, rather than for pride or money. Their mantra is one of brotherhood and friendship, as well as regional pride. The crew shares territory with Team Ben, who represents the "mainstream" aspect of competitive smash, whereas TA represents the "underground" side. The two crews get along, but share a sort of friendly rivalry. Team Arlington has many MD/VA vets, such as KM, G-regulate, Aho, Chinesah, and Kirbstir.

Team Arlington hosted a series of national tournaments called *Pound*. Team Arlington encouraged visiting players to try to beat every member of the crew.

It should be noted that most members of Team Arlington were not actually from Arlington.