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SSBU's 2014 logo.

Super Smash Bros. University, abbreviated as SSBU, is a regional Smash community based in Canada, Alberta, founded in 2013 by many Smashers in both major Albertan cities, Calgary and Edmonton. Super Smash Bros. University was established to create a centralized location and supportive community for their communities to gather and discuss Smash, using the "university" moniker literally as they host weekly gatherings during semesters at both the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. It has grown and expanded to the University of Lethbridge in southern Alberta. A team is located in each city, overseeing both logistics and making sure each community has a home to play Smash at. Currently, the organization has grown to have over 500 members in Alberta.

Tournaments are hosted and ran by the executive team and uses a consolidated and collaborative effort, ranging from cash prize tournaments to philanthropy based types, most notably Jarrett's Tournament, a tournament ran in memory of a close friend. Their most recent and notable tournament thus far was Otafest: Assault 3 from May 15-17th, 2015, where Hax entered into the events and made an appearance in Western Canada.

Tournaments hosted/co-hosted[edit]

  • Otafest: Assault - Calgary, Alberta
  • Alberta Beat Down 3 (in conjunction with the local FGC community), - Edmonton, Alberta
  • Jarrett's Tournament II - Edmonton, Alberta
  • Calgary Smash Chronicles I - Calgary, Alberta
  • Smash Chronicles II - Edmonton, Alberta
  • AIWC Fundraiser - Calgary, Alberta
  • Winter Storm - Calgary, Alberta
  • Otafest: Assault II - Calgary, Alberta
  • Rebel - Calgary, Alberta
  • Rebel II - Calgary, Alberta
  • Salt Flats - Calgary, Alberta
  • Salt Flats II - Calgary, Alberta
  • YYC Open - Calgary, Alberta
  • Jarett's Tournament III - Edmonton, Alberta
  • Canada Cup 2014 - Calgary, Alberta
  • Canada Cup Masters 2015 - Calgary Alberta
  • Otafest: Assault 3 - Calgary Alberta

Example list of executives or founders and their characters[edit]

Former executives[edit]

  • Canada Victra CaptainFalconHeadSSBM.png, discontinuation from the organization due to personal reasons in early 2014.

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