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Team:North Corner Smash

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NCS Logo.

North Corner Smash (often abbreviated as NCS) is a tournament series in Maine that was founded by Cobalt. Along with Maine Competitive Gaming, North Corner Smash is credited with reviving interest in Maine for competitive smash tournaments. Originally, their tournaments were 3 stocks, 8 minute time with customs, legal stages, and no items. North Corner Smash was discontented due to a lack of interest and conflicting schedules, but re-emerged in July of 2017 with NCS: One More Stock, which featured prizes and the traditional ruleset of 2 stocks, 6 minute time with no customs. The brackets for NCS tournaments are available here.

List of Events[edit]

  • NCS May Meeting
  • NCS June Meeting
  • NCS July Meeting
  • NCS August Meeting
  • NCS September Meeting
  • NCS October Meeting
  • AniMaine - Smash Bros & Amiibo Tournament
  • NCS December Meeting
  • NCS January Meeting
  • NCS February Meeting
  • NCS One More Stock
  • NCS for the Community
  • NCS Gourmet Race
  • NCS Board the Platforms
  • NCS Lite 1 & 2
  • NCS Vox
  • NCS Birthday Bash

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U singles[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
NCS May Meeting May 24th, 2015 ? Cobalt LOKi
NCS May Meeting June 19th, 2015 ? Cobalt LOKi
NCS July Meeting July 12th, 2015 10 Cobalt LOKi
NCS August Meeting August 9th, 2015 6 Cobalt LOKi
NCS September Meeting September 13th, 2015 12 The A Bomb LOKi
NCS October Tourney October 11th, 2015 20 Jile MrRyanNess
NCS November November 22nd, 2015 19 LOKi Skull Kid?
NCS December December 13th, 2015 23 MrRyanNess Abaddon
NCS January January 17th, 2016 11 ZomBiehn IceD
North Corner Smash 10 February 13th, 2016 6 IceD S_B
NCS One More Stock July 8th, 2017 21 MrRyanNess Rosie
NCS For the Community January 13th, 2018 15 LordXav1er MrRyanNess
NCS Gourmet Race April 21st, 2018 22 Ntarps MrRyanNess
NCS Board the Platforms October 13th, 2018 16 MrRyanNess MFD

Super Smash Bros. Melee singles[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
NCS October Meeting October 11th, 2015 15 MrRyanNess Abaddon
NCS: One More Stock July 8th, 2017 9 Meat Machine EricGreen
NCS: Gourmet Race April 21st, 2018 6 Dazwa Darkflame

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
NCS Lite March 11th, 2019 49 MrRyanNess Abaddon
NCS: Vox May 10th, 2019 25 MrRyanNess Riot
NCS Lite #2 June 21st, 2019 23 BobbyWasabi Zaney
NCS: Birthday Bash July 27th, 2019 33 MrRyanNess BobbyWasabi

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