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Karmine Corp
Karmine Corp logo.png
Location Paris, France France
Owners Kamel Kébir (Kamet0)
Zouhaïr Darji (Kotei)
Amine Mekri (Prime)
Sponsors/Partners Orange
Chupa Chups
Other games League of Legends
Rocket League
TeamFight Tactics

Karmine Corp (KC), often shortened as KCorp, is an esport organization located in Paris, France. It was founded as Kameto Corp in 2020 by the famous French streamers and influencers Kameto and Kotei. They rebranded in 2021 as Karmine Corp after the arrival of Prime as additional owner. They quickly established themselves as one of the fastest growing esports brands in the world, picking up multiple trophies on the League of Legends European tier-2 scene, a TeamFight Tactics world championship and multiple Rocket League continental titles. They are also known for their supporters, dubbed the Blue Wall. They are very active and vocal fans, behaving like ultras soccer fans by attending LAN events as a single group, able to fill thousand-seater venues, creating dedicated chants for their players and displaying tifos in their stands.

On the second day of GENESIS 9, Kameto, who flew to San Jose for the occasion, announced the signing of Kurama as their first Smash player. On December 19th in the same year, Kurama announced his departure after KC had shut down several of its esports sections, including Smash.

Former smashers[edit]

Professional smashers[edit]

ID Name Game Main(s) Join Date Leave Date
United States Kurama Pedro Alonso Jr. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate MarioHeadSSBU.png 2023-01-21 2023-12-19

Other famous players[edit]

  • France Emre Demirtas (Double61) TeamFight Tactics professional player and world champion.
  • France Kamel Kébir (Kameto) Owner, influencer and former League of Legends semi-professional player.
  • France Amine Mekri (Amine) Owner, rapper and former FIFA content creator.
  • France Lucas Simon-Meslet (Cabochard) League of Legends professional player and captain.


  • Kurama's signing was supposed to be a complete surprise. But prior to the announcement, during Kameto's stream of a TrackMania competition earlier in the day, some fans noticed that the in-game hour matched the Pacific Standard Time, instead of the Central European Time. Kameto was totally off-stream the day prior (due to flying), a rarity for him. He also streamed with a low-quality microphone and without a camera, which fueled the supposition that he was not streaming from his usual place and was elsewhere, presumably at GENESIS 9 due to the timezones matching.

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