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iXi, also known as The iXi Group, The iXi club or Funknown's Doubles group is a crew on Kaillera created by Unknown (not to be confused with Unknown522) in the early Kaillera/Smash 64 online period, around 2006 or 2007. The clan invited a large number of players ranging from beginners to top level and at one point in this period, it was by far the largest crew on Kaillera. Many other crews at the time, such as PPS and NBK, labeled the clan tag as a joke, seeing that almost; if not anyone; could use the tag. It was also seen as a good idea however as the idea of a crew made it so people wanted to improve in order to make themselves better than other members.

The Influence of Unknown[edit]

Unknown under this tag also helped kick-start some other 64 forums to help the 64 community grow. More recently, Unknown, under FunknowniXi, participated in the Reddit panel talk where he divulged about iXi and how he got into Kaillera way back in 2005/2006. Many people still reference to iXi on Kaillera to this day, to reminisce about Kaillera's past.

Previous and Current Members[edit]

Previous members who have moved on from iXi include Nova, KoRoBeNiKi, Smasherx74, Tigerbombz, and many, many others. Current members include Unknown, Sextc, and Pulsar, and a few others who (randomly) use this tag on Kailera.

Recent News[edit]

iXi has recently resurfaced under the similarly named The iXi club They stream, mostly doubles matches, quite frequently.