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Germany's Star Fighters (GSF) is a German crew from Hamm, Luenen, Berlin and Enniger.





On January 12th, 2006, Kr0x, v3gas, AND1, and ProsmasherTim released the crew Germany's Star Fighters, because they wanted to fight a crew match against "Team Weißwurst" from Bavaria. They chose ProsmasherTim to be the crew leader and Kr0x to be his co-leader. After a few months, AND1 left the crew. The crew match against Team Weißwurst has never been done. Dr.Dead joined the crew after competing at "Smashfest Mainz"(14th April, 2006). Flava Sava and DancingQueen90 joined the crew when Kr0x and v3gas had already left directly after "Smashfest Mainz". Jon_ass joined the crew after "Burn the Pigs Tournament" was over (3rd August, 2006). On September 22nd, 2006, Black Soul joined the crew. Soon after Black Soul joined, he left GSF; at Watch The Dawn Tournament in December 2006, kJaB joined the crew. After kJaB also left in August 2008, Luma and milkman joined at Smashfest Cologne 2 in autumn of 2008. In summer of 2012, Ice, who is considered the best player in Germany, joined the crew.

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