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From left to right: Mexican, Meep, Dark Mike, Killa for Cash, The Chozen One

F.T.A. (aka Foot to Ass) was a well performing Smash crew centered in Stockton, CA. At one time, most of FTA's members were ranked on the NorCal Power Rankings.


FTA originated in Stockton with five members: KFC (Killa For Cash), DM (Dark Mike), TC1 (The Chozen One), Mxcn - (Mexican), and Meep. Anbu and Mr. Pink joined, but later left the crew. FTA has attended several tournaments and gained notability for the performance of its members. FTA has also beaten the crews Deep Norcal, TeamScape, and other crews in crew battles. They were acknowledged as one of the best crews in NorCal.

Super Smash Bros. Melee era members[edit]

Former Members

Super Smash Bros. Brawl era members[edit]