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Central Ohio Krew (CoK) was a competitive smash crew located, just as the title implies, in the Central Ohio area. CoK is the combination of two rival crews, Pain is Love and the Competitive Gaming Association, that found friendship through regular practice and tournament travels.


Honorary CoKmates[edit]

Formed teams[edit]

  • nub s4wac3 (Drephen, Joe Bushman)
  • Penguin Plays Jenga (Mathos, Watty)
  • nub j00ce (Anuj, primarily SunKun but often others)
  • Team Big Breakfast Sex (Mathos, FrenzieFool)


After meeting at a local Columbus, Ohio GameCrazy tournament, the Competitive Gamings Association and Pain Is Love crews would never again be the same. Both crews had their own members, but after that chance meeting, the two crews found themselves playing with each other quite often. In the smash community, it is quite rare to even have one professional level crew in a city, and it's even rarer to have two, so this was an opportunity not to be ignored. After small friendly rivalries as well as many Smashfests at Anuj's apartment, the two crews grew very close.

They started attending tournaments together, carpooling, and even teaming at tournaments. After some time, many members from both CGA and PIL began to drop out of the scene making what would have otherwise been a size of two and perhaps three crews, down to a size of one crew. As the group rose in popularity, maintaining the distinction of the two crews was not easy, and it wasn't a distinction either crew desired to maintain. Having never actually played their long time planned CGA/PIL crew battle, and the neither crew having enough readily available members to actually go through with the battle, the crews finally decided to merge together.

After deciding on a name, "CoK" was formed promptly after CGA2, and more specifically during the announcement of the crew's first tournament event (CoKI) with wide acceptance within the community. The crew's name was the topic of many ill-humored jokes with particular focus on the phallic nature of their logo.

Tournament activity[edit]

After years of competitive play, CoK believed they had formed enough friendships within the tournament scene to warrant hosting an event themselves. CoKI was hosted on March 25th and 26th with approximately 50 people in attendance for Teams and Singles. The tournament was held at Watty's parents' house. Topping singles were Dope, Eddie, and Tink respectively; the top placings in Teams were awarded to Toomin and Ender, Beauty and the Beast, and Nub Sawce.

With the creation of the Midwest Circuit, CoKII became a huge success with over 80 participants for Teams, Singles, and Crews. The tournament only lasted one day and ran with a round robin seeded into a double elimination bracket. CoKII was set in Mathos's current girlfriend's furnished two-story barn. Complete results can be found here.

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