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Edit Conflict[edit]

So, I made this one edit to make this page easier to understand for people who don't play pokemon. This is the edit:

Before- It evolves from Bulbasaur at level 16.

After- It evolves from Bulbasaur at level 16, a relatively early level.

I found this a few days later and found this reverted by a user named SeanWheeler. His edit summary read: "Nah, I think they could figure it out." I don't want to start an edit conflict, so I'm just seeing what other people think. Should I add the edit back in? 18:38, 26 January 2014 (EST)

Now that I think about it, not all RPGs have level 100 as the maximum level and not everyone would know that the level cap for Pokémon is 100. I was thinking it would be relatively early compared to level 32 but no, 16 is half of 32. I'm sorry for the revert. I'll add it back in.