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While I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first to find this, I didn't see any articles that bore any resemblance at all. So I made this; I was messing around today, and I accidentally drop-cancelled an aerial. NeonCrusader 21:41, December 28, 2007 (EST)

AR Proof Needed[edit]

Well, I was messing around with this just a few minutes ago, and it seems like it's only possible if you actually hit someone with an attack (causing you to lag a bit, and I'd assume that's why you land back on the platform). Also, it seems like it's only possible to drop cancel a small handful of aerials; could someone with an AR confirm this? NeonCrusader 20:42, December 30, 2007 (EST)


A friend of mine was already labbing out Drop Cancelling believing it to be something else, so upon realization we decided to edit this. The page originally contradicted itself regarding its presence outside of 64 and Melee. While it claimed it was only in these games, it later said it was in later games. I fixed this just now to prevent further confusion, as well as added sections relating to other games. I do believe that this may need further reworking however. It is still less than presentable though and remains incomplete as of now but I'll continue updating it with new stuff when it's found. If anyone has anything to contribute please help out! Plague von Karma (talk) 23:01, July 10, 2019 (EDT)