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If someone could post some strategies for beating 15-Minute Melee or any of the other Multi-Man Melees, that would be much appreciated. --YodaMasterZ 22:28, March 13, 2007 (GMT)


DK: go anywhere and use your down B consitinly,

Luigi, Mario, Dr.Mario: use your down B going back and forth

Mewtwo: (BEST) stand on the edge of a main platform and hit b to start your shadow ball, leave it there so the wire frames willl run into it and get damaged, if you get damaged, throw your fully charaged shadow ball, and go back to the edge to start again--Shade 64-luigi- 02:39, August 10, 2007 (EDT)--Shade 64-luigi- 02:39, August 10, 2007 (EDT)

Thanks a lot, I've added them onto the actual article. Go ahead and edit them if they aren't rewritten properly. --YodaMasterZ 21:47, August 10, 2007 (EDT)

More Brawl Strategies[edit]

It'd be nice if we could update this article with more Brawl strategies. I added one for Lucario, though I'm not sure of others.--Richard 22:04, 4 May 2008 (UTC)