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—the site's motto
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Source Gaming is an article-based website created by PushDustIn that began as a dedicated place for "going back to the source to investigate video games"[1]. The site originally almost entirely pertained to the Super Smash Bros. series, making many contributions to the Super Smash Bros. community. Since then, its purpose is to uncover and investigate anything pertaining to video game history, development, and origins. It is highly centered around Nintendo-related subjects.

As per the name, the writers on the site try to have solid and trustworthy sources of information for articles. Many different people have worked as journalists for the site over the years and have collaborated with other prominent Super Smash Bros. community members. The site's contributions include translating text into English, such as Famitsu article columns with interviews of Masahiro Sakurai or the Japanese-only Melee official website. Perhaps the most noteworthy page is The Definitive Unused Fighters List, which corrected many misconceptions commonly held within the Super Smash Bros. fanbase. They are notable for covering news as well, breaking substantial news and events regarding the Super Smash Bros. series, including Alph being planned as a clone and Masahiro Sakurai wanting Geno in Brawl and SSB4. The site was also responsible for the majority of the discoveries about unused content in SSB4. Writers also write opinion articles on ideas, issues, and content within the Super Smash Bros. community.


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